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USB password generator

Hey we all felt bored by typing our password when ever our system locks , that too home PC's we feel to kick the system if it happens sequentially.

One of the Guy have developed a USB password generator which will generate the password by tabbing the CAPS LOCK key.

This USB password generator will be very useful for the blind person,  whenever the system locks or when starting the PC  for first time we can just plug the USB instead of typing the password in PC.

We can also create the new password by tabbing CAPS LOCK for 4 times.Really we can use this for home PC. 

So for techies those who want  to know how it works , can just click on this link and have a look on it.

EEPROM in the USB will store the password and retrieve it to the PC when it plugs. When user tabs for 4 times it will generate the new password and store the new password in EEPROM.
Great Idea :) and Great tool :)